Helsinki Free Fall

buy_ticketsHelsinki Free Fall Festival is a Helsinki (FIN) based, newly born festival for improv, free jazz, contemporary etc. music. Festival´s artistic goal is to present, refresh and challenge new and interesting performing concepts & mixtures of aforementioned “genres” – “although the weight is on improvised-freejazz & contemporary music, we work to find collaborations of any “good music” and that way want to innovate, surprise and playfully provoke our audience with our choices of artists & program planning to keep the festival interesting!”

– Esa Pietilä, artistic director

The Festival theme of 2014 is Finnish-Norwegian cultural exchange, which will be presented by ”Helsinki Free Fall” on 28.2. – 2.3. with a group of musicians who represent the core of what can be seen as todays improvising musicians. The program presents 12 musicians (6 musicians from each country), some of which have not worked together before and some of which who are in regular groups and so forth. The instrumentation will include vocals, electronics, sax, trumpet, double basses and it´s pretty clear that this group of people can and will create music beyond limits of what jazz-improvised music-noise-electronic-music and so forth.

etusivu_juliste214x240Because of the nature of the the cultural exchange plan, the project will be executed twice, first 23.-25. 1. at Helsinki Free Fall´s sister festival “Finnish Fun” at Victoria Jazzscene in Oslo and second time here in Helsinki. The whole idea is to assemble all 12 musicians for a three day event which will include the whole group together performing pieces by Pietilä and Nilssen-Love but not least, smaller groups and ad hoc constellations so that the musicians and audience will be able to hear the full spectrum of this group of improvisors. On the last day of Helsinki Free Fall, there will also be a concert of the “Big Fun” orchestra, which consists of all the 12 musicians performing larger scale pieces from Pietilä and Nilssen-Love.

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